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Custom Intentional Jewelry

$20.00 USD

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Design your own custom intentional jewelry with energy suited to your needs. Everyone is going through their own spiritual journey! These spiritual tools, along with your Ase’ can help you tap into those specific energies that you’re looking to manifest✨✨✨

Together we will pick out a stone(s) based on your sign, and the energies you want to attract, such as:

•Divine Manifestation
• Financial Stability
• EMF Protection
• Success/Abundance
• Anxiety/ Depression
•Self Love/ Love For Others
•Chakra Healing

And much much more!

The listed price is a deposit toward the piece(s) that will be custom created. Total price may equal listed price if you only want a simple one stone ring, necklace, ect. For more elaborate custom pieces prices may vary, but nothing will be done without the buyers blessing💖💖💖 We will communicate the entire time, so that I can best fit your personal needs! Thank you